Psychiatric Lab Animal in Limbo: My Stonewalled Journey into (and out of?) “Mental Illness” is a frank recounting of the predominantly illogical, ineffective, counterproductive, and tremendously damaging treatment Author was prescribed by imperfect practitioners of an admittedly inexact science, her painful awakening to their incredibly far-reaching power and authority, and her struggle to live something approaching a normal existence, or to pretend at normalcy, in the meanwhile.

With documentation and caveats, she chronicles her in-and-out, here-and-there, roundabout, sometimes joyous, often heartbreaking, never boring “life” experiences from 1985, when she sought professional help for her depression, to the present, and her 25-year and counting search/wait for the heretofore denied “clarification and closure” she believes necessary to restore full quality to her life.